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We designed our sportswear line thinking of you!

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quality sportswear Miami


At Ogiis Apparel we understand that active, modern and successful women need clothes that match. That's why we designed our sportswear line thinking of you!
We know you are busy, that you like to exercise, walk, work and feel fresh and comfortable. At Ogiis Apparel we care about your peace of mind, so we bring you appropriate clothes that you can spend the day walking and feeling refreshed.
Our exclusive fabrics are brought directly from our factory in Colombia, and attention: they are smart fabrics! They have protection against UV rays, they stretch and adjust to your body without losing elasticity, they are CoolFeel and anti-humidity so you feel fresh, they also control odors and dry quickly. Neither peel nor fade.
We know that every woman is a world of her own, so our collection of leggings and sports bras comes in a wide variety of solid colors and prints. Be the one who chooses!
Our fantastic fabrics also have highly resistant stitching, so you can do everything calm: go for a run, go to your yoga class, do cross fit, or just take a walk in our comfortable selection of sportswear.
At Ogiis Apparel we offer you Premium fabrics at very competitive prices. Contact us now to purchase our boutique clothes.

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