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Custom Legging Manufacturing Florida


Ogiis Apparel is a company with a passion for women's clothing. We are dedicated to the manufacture of comfortable apparel and the manufacturing of sportswear and beachwear for the modern woman. We love women and we love to enhance their virtues through the creation of: swimsuits, leggings, sports bras, and much more, so that every woman can lead her life in the most comfortable way possible, regardless of whether she is going to work, walk, or exercise.

At Ogiis Apparel we listen to the voice of every woman, so we offer products in beautiful colors and prints, fulfilling any preference that our customers may have. All our models are manufactured with the best high-tech fabrics, brought directly from Colombia. They gently hug the woman's body, hiding the cellulite and decreasing the belly. Our fabrics also absorb odors and are Dri-Fit, that is, they are anti-humidity: they will keep the woman dry and comfortable throughout the day. Best of all, these fabrics are elastic and do not reveal themselves, allowing maximum body mobility. And that's not all! At Ogiis Apparel we understand the importance of protection against UV rays, so our fabrics are also offered in UV-rated, with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50+.

In addition, we offer design services, logos and more - Get in touch with us and come meet us!

Our office is located in Coral Gables Florida. Contact us for a meeting to discuss your manufacturing goals! 

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