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Ogiis Apparel

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With more than 20 years of development, the recognition as leaders in the confection, production and sale of wholesale/private label women's sportswear, integrating a vertical structure in our production chain that allows us day by day to be more
competitive in price and quality. Our vertical structure goes from the design to the transformation of finished and packed garments to offer our private label customers. Our brand Ogiis Apparel is recognized in the national and international market as a leader in wholesale/private label sports clothing, thanks to its varied and complete catalog of women's clothing. In addition to the above, we produce the brands to third parties, under the modality of complete package to catalog companies and chain stores both national and international. MISSION We do everything with quality, delivering creative and innovative experiences and sensations.   VISION To be recognized as the leading company in sportswear and multipurpose, which impacts the national and international market.

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