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Are you looking for activewear to sell under your own private label? Are you searching for leggings, yoga pants or tops that are made of the highest quality possible? Then Ogiis Apparel has what you are looking for; from solid colors to match any outfit, to bright tropical colors that match the vibrant Latin-American atmosphere of South Florida. Our mission is to create leggings that will appeal to every crowd, affordable to anyone, and quality the wearer can appreciate with every step they take.

Every private label we partner with, features distinct styles per collection that add a personal taste from the label themselves. Additionally, we make sure that every garment is made of quality high-tech fabric that is very durable and can withstand anything from a calm walk in the city, to hardcore exercise regiments. The Dri-Fit apparel allows you to retain normal body movement for any exercise you wish to perform while showing off your curves and hiding any cellulite. The tank tops and sports bras we carry will keep you very comfortable and match with the bottoms as well. They are of limited quantity and each one is different from the rest thus ensuring you have a one of a kind product while still retaining the amazing quality in all our active wear clothing. If you are interested in your own private label , please contact us so we can begin a new line of leggings the world will love.


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